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Troop 37 Scouts and Leaders are constantly growing and changing in their roles within the troop.  As of Oct 2012, we currently have 20 active Scouts and 6 leaders.

Scoutmaster & Leaders

  • Scoutmaster:
  • Assistant Scoutmaster:
  • Treasurer:
  • Troop Committee Chair: Mr Vince Malcom
  • Troop Secretary:
  • Awards Coordinator:

Note: See T37 Restricted area for additional leader email addresses.


  • TBD

Troop Position Descriptions

Eagle scouts

  • Congratulations Dylan R for making Eagle 2012
  • Congratulations Randy W for making Eagle Dec 2011
  • Congratulations Brett C for making Eagle 2011
  • Congratulations Justin T for making Eagle
  • Congratulations Tyler C for making Eagle
  • Congratulations Sam R for making Eagle
  • Congratulations Matt N for making Eagle Feb 2008
  • Congratulations Brady C for making Eagle Feb 2008
  • Congratulations Travis T for making Eagle  2007
  • Congratulations Brian G for making Eagle
  • Congratulations Brian W for making Eagle
  • Congratulations Austin S for making Eagle
  • Congratulations Jeff J for making Eagle
  • Congratulations Michael V for making Eagle July 2005
  • Congratulations Andrew B for making Eagle June 2005
  • Congratulations Mark F for making Eagle May 2005

Scout Ranks   


Tenderfoot Scout

Tenderfoot is the first rank you will earn as a Boy Scout. The requirements offer a taste of the great adventures awaiting you in Scouting, and can give you the basic skills you'll need to begin taking part in those adventures. There is a lot of challenge in earning the Tenderfoot badge, and you might soon find yourself doing things you had only dreamed about before.

Second Class Scout

"THE SKILLS I'M LEARNING ARE GREAT!" says a Scout working on his Second Class badge. "I'm going on adventures with my patrol and troop, and I'm having lots of fun."

With the Tenderfoot requirements behind you, you're ready to move ahead toward Second Class. You're about to learn how to use a map and compass. Soon you will know new ways to observe wildlife, and you'll understand when and how to build a campfire.

You'll master the safe use of pocketknives and other woods tools, go on more campouts, take part in troop and patrol activities, and add to your knowledge of first aid. Add swimming and a service project, and you will be well on your way to wearing a Second Class award.

First Class Scout

READY FOR LOTS MORE HIKING AND CAMPING? Want to cook outdoors, practice first aid, identify native plants, and lash together structures? All to that and more await you on the trail to First Class.

Becoming a First Class Scout also prepares you to be more of a leader in your patrol, your troop, and your community. People will expect more of you, and you will expect more of yourself.

More time in the outdoors, more responsibilities, more knowledge of Scouting's skills - that's what becoming a First Class Scout is all about. A good place to begin is by getting out a map and compass and increasing your knowledge of how to find your way.

Star Scout

The trail to Eagle leads through the ranks of Star Scout and Life Scout - an exciting pathway that will challenge you, test you, and open many doors to new ideas and opportunities. Building on the knowledge and experience you gained in becoming a First Class Scout, the requirements for Star and Life offer plenty of freedom in choosing the direction your interests take you, and many options for achieving each higher rank. The requirements also emphasize the roles that the Scout Oath and Law play in your life, and the importance of service to your Scout troop and to others.

Life Scout

"The Star, Life, and Eagle Ranks are respectively the highest steps in Scout Advancement. Those who attain these honors, of necessity, should be real Scouts, representative Scouts - Scouts on the inside as well as on the outside." Handbook for Boys, 3rd Edition, 1927

Eagle Scout

THE FIRST Boy Scout Handbook described anyone worthy of the Eagle Scout Award as "the all-round perfect scout." That is a very demanding standard indeed, and a worthy goal. Striving to become an Eagle Scout will require your best efforts to master the skills of leadership, service, and outdoor know-how, and to practice good citizenship and ethical behavior of the highest order. The long trail to Eagle is full of opportunities for you to learn, to lead, to listen, and to teach. Along the way and throughout your life, the rewards from earning the Eagle Scout Award will be great.

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